Did you ever drink so much...

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Did you ever drink so much...

Post by ian » Thu Feb 27, 2020 8:12 am

... That you lost an entire year?
Because that just happened to me...
JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!! :rofl: :rofl:

Like I've been fucked up lately.
BUT FUCK! A WHOLE YEAR GONE! It's a good thing nothing happened in the last year :rofl:

I am starting to worry about my alcohol intake...
Not worried how much, but mathematically how the fuck I am still alive and how long I can keep it up.
A few of my friends are concerned because I've had NO income at all for 18 months now (living solely on savings and last 2 months sale of assets)
They're all telling me to go on centrelink (Aussie bum/looking for work payments) But fuck that noise!
If I can't contribute, I'll spend the last of my money on a few metres of fucking rope before I become a fucking leech like a bum.

So I am astounded that I have lost a whole year... but if the 10 years before that didn't get me anywhere, I can assume I didn't lose much overall. :olol:

I buy enough alcohol to kill a fucking elephant, and survive it every time.. starting to get shitty at the booze! They promised me alcohol poisoning, etc etc... WHY THE FUCK AM I STILL HERE??? am I like the worlds best drinker or some shit?
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